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Unsung Hero Award

This award recognizes the ongoing contributions of a member to SAIR and the field of institutional research and planning in the broadest sense. This Award honors individuals whose effort and initiative might not otherwise receive public recognition. The types of effort to be considered include management assignments, innovative projects or ideas, development of new initiatives, or other ongoing service to SAIR, other than as an elected officer.

All members of SAIR are eligible to receive the award with the following exceptions:

  1. A person who has previously won the award;
  2. Officers of SAIR shall not be eligible until five years have passed since completion of their most recent term of office.

Members who have been honored with the Award:

  • 2023: Beverly King
  • 2022: Andrew Luna
  • 2015: Michael Crow
  • 2010: Edwin Litolff
  • 2006: Donald Boeckman
  • 2002: Mary Beth Adams
  • 2002: Jane Mathis-Hopson
  • 2001: Hannelore Delbridge
  • 1998: John H. Milam, Jr.
  • 1997: Kaye Lawson
  • 1996: Deborah Barshafsky
  • 1995: Theresa Y. Smith
  • 1995: Nancy Ellen Soteriou
  • 1994: Kathy Bissonette
  • 1994: Tony Williams
  • 1993: Murriel Gilliam
  • 1993: Gerald Lunney
  • 1991: Carol S. Hollins
  • 1990: Eugene Buckley
  • 1990: Bruce Mallette

Unsung Hero 2022 - Andrew Luna

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The Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR) is dedicated to the advancement of research leading to improved understanding, planning, and operation of institutions of post-secondary education. SAIR provides a forum for the dissemination of information and interchange of ideas on problems of common interest in the field of institutional research. In addition, SAIR promotes the continued professional development of individuals engaging in institutional research and fosters the unity and cooperation among persons having interests and activities related to research.