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James R. Montgomery Outstanding Service Award

This award is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to SAIR over an extended period of time. Each nominee must have been a SAIR member for over five years and cannot be a member of, or a candidate for, the Board of Directors during the year nominated. In addition, two of the following criteria must be met:

  1. has been a member of the Board of Directors or a chair of either a conference or a presidentially appointed committee;
  2. has been an officer of, or a recognized leader in the establishment of, a state or special interest group which has been associated with SAIR; and
  3. has made a professional contribution to SAIR by being actively involved in a combination of the following:
    1. has presented/contributed papers at a SAIR conference;
    2. has organized, offered, or acted as a primary participant in workshops at the SAIR annual conference or at workshops sponsored by an affiliated SAIR organization or group;
    3. has contributed in some other specific significant way that has advanced the professionalism of SAIR.

Members who have been honored with this award:

  • 2022: Kathleen Morley
  • 2022: Matthew Campbell
  • 2019: Glenn James
  • 2016: Ike Ikenberry
  • 2016: Edwin Litolff
  • 2015: Bernie Braun
  • 2013: Michelle Hall
  • 2011: Ross Griffith
  • 2010: Sandi Bramblett
  • 2009: Tom Bohannon
  • 2006: Debbie Dailey
  • 2005: Harriott Calhoun
  • 2004: Gerry Dizinno
  • 2003: David Fleming
  • 2002: Theresa Smith
  • 2001: Edie Carter
  • 2001: Mary Sapp
  • 2000: James O. Nichols
  • 1996: William R. Fendley
  • 1994: Marsha Moss
  • 1994: Timothy R. Sanford
  • 1993: Gerald McLaughlin
  • 1993: Donald Reichard
  • 1992: Larry G. Jones
  • 1991: Cameron L. Fincher
  • 1990: James R. Montgomery
  • 1990: Glynton Smith
  • 1990: Charles I. Brown
2022 James R Montgomery Service Award - Kathleen Morley
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The Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR) is dedicated to the advancement of research leading to improved understanding, planning, and operation of institutions of post-secondary education. SAIR provides a forum for the dissemination of information and interchange of ideas on problems of common interest in the field of institutional research. In addition, SAIR promotes the continued professional development of individuals engaging in institutional research and fosters the unity and cooperation among persons having interests and activities related to research.