2001 SAIR Business Meeting
Panama City, Florida
October 15, 2001

General Business

At 3:15 p.m., the meeting was called to order.  President Harriott Calhoun welcomed attendees and discussed the following items that had been announced during the year. 

  • On February 26, 2001 the SAIR Board unanimously approved the policy that “Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible to be placed on the ballot for any position during the year in which they serve on the Nominating Committee.” 

  • The President appointed members of the Financial Task Force: Hanne Delbridge (chair), Debbie Dailey, Bill Fendley, Bob Kuhn, Tim Sanford, and Rene Toups. At present, it is ad hoc but may be continued by the next president and, possibly, be included as a standing committee in the future.

  • A “Registration and Refund Policy” was recommended by the Financial Task Force, distributed to the Board on July 24, 2001, and unanimously approved.

  • The contract has been signed with the Sheraton Baton Rouge Convention Center Hotel for the 2002 conference.

Secretary’s Report

The business minutes from the 2000 SAIR Conference in Myrtle Beach were approved with Glenn James (Tennessee Tech) moving and Joseph Hoey (Georgia Institute of Technology) seconding approval.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Hanne Delbridge stated that as of noon on October 15, 2001, 327 individuals had registered for the SAIR 2001 conference.  The state of Georgia had the highest attendance and Clemson University was the university with the largest number of representatives.  It was also reported that the total assets as of June 30, 2001, were $71,127.92.  Total assets as of September 30, 2001 were $100,325.20.

Past-President’s Report

Past President Gerry Dizinno reported that the newly elected board members are:

  • VP/President Elect            Joseph Hoey               Georgia Institute of Technology      

  • Treasurer                          Ross Griffith                Wake Forest University

  • Member-at-Large             Jim Eck                        Samford University        

  • Member-at-Large             Julie Fulgham                Mississippi State University

The Newly elected Nominating Committee members are:                                                                        

  • Don Boeckman                  Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Kay Coleman                     University of South Carolina

  • Ron Hagerman                   Brenau University

  • Mitzy Johnson                     Northeast Mississippi Community College

  • Cathy Tanner                      Bishop State Community College

 Past President Dizinno announced that the 2002 SAIR Conference will be held at the Sheraton Baton Rouge Convention Center Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, October 12-15, with Vice President /President Elect Joseph Hoey as program chair.

President-Elect Report

President Elect Sam Lowther thanked the local arrangements committee and planning committee members for their hard work and encouraged attendees to stay until the end of the conference.

Members-at-large Reports

Member-at-large Teresa Hall announced that there were nine pre-conference workshops at the 2001 conference with 220 registrants. Review of the Constitution and Bylaws will continue next year.

Member-at-large Joseph Hoey discussed the two SAIR publications – the newsletter and the web site. The web site was updated and redesigned in order to conform to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The web site address is www.sair.org.

Member-at-large Jim Purcell stated that awards for Best Paper, Unsung Hero, and James Montgomery Service Award will be announced during the Awards Breakfast.  The winner of the SAIR 2001 Conference Best Paper will present at the 42nd Annual AIR Forum, which will be held June 2-5, 2002 in Toronto, Canada

Member-at-large Cornelia Wills announced that we had 100 newcomers to SAIR.  Activities for the newcomers included a dinner on Saturday, a workshop, and a reception.


IHE Report

Larry Jones discussed that the SAIR/IHE Institutional Research Alliance continues to serve well the purposes of the Association and the Institute of Higher Education as set forth in the Alliance objectives. The challenge now, as it has always been, is to determine and develop the most effective ways for the Alliance to meet the professional in-service needs of institutional researchers in the SAIR states. Illustrative of some of the issues that should be addressed as the SAIR Board and the Institute review the progress of the SAIR/IHE Institutional Research Alliance as it enters its ninth year, are the following:

  • Continuation of the "central" office functions provided by the Institute of Higher Education;

  • Development of web based resources for the basic IR information for practitioners and institutions;

  • IHE directed workshops and seminars on issues of theoretical and practical value to the members;

  • Expansion of SAIR/IHE Alliance services to SAIR affiliated groups;

  • SAIR/IHE "certification" for institutional researchers and professionals in related areas;

  • Increased involvement of colleagues in other offices, disciplines and professional associations in the work of institutional research.

The faculty of the Institute of Higher Education looks forward to working with the SAIR Board and members to keep the Southern region in the forefront of institutional research.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Mee

SAIR Secretary                                                          Approved:___________________



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