Minutes of the SAIR Board Meeting
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
October 24, 2000

President Harriott Calhoun welcomed and introduced all of the members present.  Those in attendance were: 

  • Harriott Calhoun, President

  • Sam Lowther  Vice President/President-Elect

  • Gerry Dizinno  Past President

  • Rene Toups  Treasurer

  • Christine Mee  Secretary

  • Jim Purcell  Member-at-Large

  • Teresa Hall  Member-at-Large

  • Joseph Hoey  Member-at-Large

  • Cornelia Wills  Member-at-Large

  • Larry Jones  IHE

  • Hannelore Delbridge In-coming Treasurer

  • Jim Eck   2000 Conference Evaluation Committee Chair

1.  Evaluation of SAIR 2000:  The Evaluation Committee for the SAIR 2000 annual conference was chaired by Jim Eck and his committee members were:  Julie Fulgham, Dea Mathews, Jane Mathis-Hopson, and Cathy Tanner.  Chair, Jim Eck presented the Board with a preliminary conference evaluation report.  The following issues were discussed in relation to the committee’s report:

Workshop issues discussed: 

  • Problems with off-site logistics, (transportation, small labs, tech support, expenses, etc.)

  • Future emphasis on demonstrations (rather than hands-on) and on-site workshops,  perhaps with laptop computers (rather than off-site).

  • Past-President Dizinno will explore what options are available with SPSS.

OTIS (Opportunities to Improve SAIR)

  • It was suggested by the Board Members that OTIS be used for the up-coming conference.

Overall Conference Evaluation:

  • The general evaluation of the conference as a whole was very good. 

2.  Implications for SAIR 2001:  Sam Lowther

  • Space for the general sessions for the conference will be tight. 

  • Because all rooms are condo-type rooms, it will be important to have a “roommate finder” to help members who want to share rooms. 

  • The hotel will also be relatively inexperienced at handling a conference.  Cornelia Wills will have to keep this in mind for Newcomers events and Jim Purcell with papers.

3.  Ad Hoc Committee Report:  Teresa Hall

  • Members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bylaws, Board Structure and Board Duties will be Debbie Dailey, Gerry McLaughlin, Sam Lowther, Mary Sapp, Harriott Calhoun and Gerry Dizinno.  This group will meet via listserv at first.  They also plan to begin a threaded discussions on the SAIR website. Members will be notified via SAIRMAIL when this will take place.  If they eventually wish to meet face to face, travel assistance may be needed for several of these people for the meeting.  The Board will be approached at that time with a request

4.  Collaboration with AIR:  Teresa Hall

  • Teresa and Harriott Calhoun met with Michael Middaugh during the conference.  The most promising possibility for collaboration seems to be for a regional workshop for which AIR would provide a trainer and travel expenses while SAIR would provide the facilities and logistical support.  The first workshop might be in early February.  Kennesaw State University is a possible site.  We need to carefully pick which AIR workshop we want to have, perhaps polling the membership to determine interest and need.  With proven presenters, we should have no trouble filling a workshop.   A local person would have to be willing to take care of any local arrangements.  SAIR would be responsible for registration and collection of fees.

5.  SAIR 25th Anniversary Projects: Larry Jones

  • Larry is working on this project using old programs, conference themes and such.

6.  Other Business

Joseph Hoey: 

  • The Web Committee will include Sarah Carrigan, Libby Morris Michael Hadley, Michael Gilbert.  They will provide, by December 15, a site revision format and a new web design.  John Milam will be responsible for the database structure.  Joseph Hoey and Libby Morris will work on the vision and functionality of the site.  The committee met at the conference, had discussions and divided up the work for the web site revision.  The new design will be tables based.  Milam wants to use ADP for database design.  There should be little additional costs for the revisions.  Teresa will include the web committee as part of the SAIR Board/ByLaws review.

Gerry Dizinno: 

  • Gerry is planning on scouting sites for the next two years – 2002 and 2003.  We all agreed that this is necessary due to the size of our meeting.

  • The nominating committee will have a slate of nominees by June 30. 

Rene Toups:

  • Rene and Hannelore Delbridge will put together a charge for the Finance Committee.  Board Members are asked to review the constitution and by laws. 

  • Hanne and Teresa discussed assistance, such as part-time secretarial or clerical help, that may be needed to subsidize Board Members.   It was agreed that this would be discussed on an as-needed basis. 

Jim Purcell:

  • Jim indicated that the call for AIR Best Presentations from State and Regional organizations for the Annual Forum should be coming shortly.

Respectfully submitted,
Christine Mee 
SAIR Secretary 


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